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With over 17 years of experience on the decks, Brenda D. is a recognized name amongst the top DJ's of the Chicago underground scene. If you know Chicago, its vast history and high standards for its disc jockeys, then you know that she is a cut above the rest. Her versatility and ability to adapt to the crowd, along with her flawless mixing skills, have landed her gigs in nearly every Chicago hotspot. She has played alongside all of Chicago's hometown heroes and in various clubs and underground parties from coast to coast.

In 2005, Brenda put her marketing skills to the test by becoming one of the driving forces behind Soul Foundation's city wide residences in Chicago at Venues such as, Darkroom and Moonshine. While in that role, Brenda oversaw the creative process of design, DJ bookings, online promotions, and event planning; all the while, she maintained her own DJ residencies and hosted various nightlife events. Currently, Brenda is responsible for Soul Foundation Recordings' A&R division & promotions.

Stylistically, she beats a unique blend of sound, merging all of the strains of House to make the crowd move. No matter what Brenda plays on any given evening, you can bet that it will represent Chicago's voice and soul to the fullest, while maintaining its underground integrity. Over the last 10 years, Brenda has contributed creatively in the studio. Not only has she collaborated with her husband and DJ partner Brian G, she’s recorded vocals with world renowned producer, Kate Simko (Spectral Sound, Hello? Repeat) with remixes by Tevo Howard, Bruno Pronsato & Daze Maxim. Be on the look-out for Brenda's own debut EP in 2014.

Brenda D Discography

- Kate Simko "Take You There feat Brenda D" Take You There EP (Digital & Vinyl) Spectral Sound 2009

- Brian Gardner feat Brenda D "I Knew It Was You" Amuse Bouche EP - Vol.1 (Digital) RealDEEP Recordings 2010

- Brian Gardner & Brenda D "So Blue" Chicago Skull EP (Vinyl ) Minuendo Recordings (Spain) 2011

- Kate Simko "Mind On You feat Brenda D EP" (Digital & Vinyl) Hello? Repeat (Germany) 2011

- Brian Gardner feat Brenda D Remix "This World is Just an Illusion" (Digital) Black Error Recordings (South Africa) 2012

- BTMG feat Brenda D "Deep Underground" (Digital) Soul Foundation Recordings 2013

- BTMG feat Brenda D "Time Away" (Digital) Soul Foundation Recordings 2013

- BTMG "Residential, Drivel" MikeaLike EP (Digital) Soul Foundation Recordings 2013

- BTMG feat Brenda D "Rush" (Digital) Soul Foundation Recordings 2013


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